This is amazing.


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I used a Fuji GX 617 for these.


Bryce Canyon_1


Death Valley

Here is the new OC Weekly cover that I did- Out today!!!OC Weekly Cover

Fun shot of my friend Peter…as Marie Antoinette.


Not so sure about this- The man in this photograph, taken in Jamaica, is believed to be Banksy
This is from 2008- don’t think I believe it- don’t know if I want to.

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Letters From Yonder

Crit, as in critical essay. Or, should I say, The Critical Essay (as if t’were royalty)? The answer is, they’re out there in abundance. On the one hand we have their inbred cousins the “Review,” and on the other, more rarely, we have the in-depth “Feature.” But both of these are like satellites to the proper planet of the critical essay.

In the U.S. we are taught vaguely to write them (often just above the level of Chinese 5th graders), we are made to read them (primarily in the humanities) throughout our collegiate career, and, some of us, the crazed and slightly nerdy, even begin to enjoy them. But once we bounce out of the university atmosphere we find that our old friend the critical essay is nowhere to be found, and, even worse, if we use the mere style of the critical essay we are looked upon as freaks and anachronisms.

Yet there is an abundance of…

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