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I used a Fuji GX 617 for these.


Bryce Canyon_1


Death Valley

Fun shot of my friend Peter…as Marie Antoinette.


Here is a shot I did some time ago for a project called”Muse- A Portrait of Sara Jean Underwood”

Hope to put it out as a coffee book at some point…


Haven’t posted this on the blog yet- here is an old shot I did of Holly.


TTV stands for “Through the Viewfinder”. These were shots made before the connivence of phone apps that do relatively the same thing…

I use an old Kodak Duelflex II. Here is a quick article on it (link) .

Enjoy 🙂

This is a shot from a shoot I did this last year with my friend and fantastic model- Kara Monaco.

This was right before she went on Big Brother-


Here is a preview of one of my new pieces. It is titled “Healed Heart” and is constructed with Raw canvas on wood with acrylic paint and gold leaf. The piece is 5’x5′ and will probably be in my next show.

Here is the piece and a detail shot. The detail is of the canvas that I cut and then stitched back together- there are 70 stitches representing the name of my wife “Ashley”.

A=1 stich, S=19, etc.




Here is a link to my new spoken word piece titled “Curdle”.      Amazon

The poem/essay is written as a critique of our current nation and the dystopia that we are slipping into. In a world that is very easy to stay informed so many are turning to willful ignorance and allowing propaganda and mindless routine to distract from self realization and motivation toward improvement.


Written and spoken by: W.B. Fontenot

Music by: Randy Emata

Flugelhorn by: Sean Erick

Produced by: Randy Emata and W.B. FontenotCurdle

Here is one of my new pieces and a detail shot of it as well.WB_Fontenot_1 WB_Fontenot_2

In the end of November I began to build out pieces to start my new series. Ash and I have a little cabin in the middle of the National Forest that I go to to help clear my head of distraction.

There will be two different exhibits that will come out of these for a total of around 80 new original works.

Here is a preview of some of the prep work up at the cabin.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3