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Fricken sweet-

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the secret keeper

Comedy: What Is It? “crosses”
Post A Joke Pt. 1
Jokes by Bill Hicks
Created by Jennifer Kiley
©transgraphics by j. kiley
Posted 01.19.20
Alphabet Challenge “C” for “Comedy”

Bill Hicks was known to be a comedian similar to Lenny Bruce, very direct, socially conscious, pointed, sarcastic. He spoke the truth through humour and probably insulted the people who could not take a joke. Beware, his language is his language. I do not censor his language or his jokes. BEWARE LANGUAGE AND SUBJECT MATTER. I am going to post one joke at a time over the next several weeks. Some may appeal to some and not to others and some may make you all laugh. Think of Bill telling them out loud and not as the voice in your head reading them to yourself. Read them slowly, for that is the way Bill Hicks did his shows, as if he…

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What Inspires Me?


The man known worldwide for his Obama campaign support creating the iconic hope posters. Has just released a whole new print, only revealed in the last day or so “The Sedation Pill”, which having waited in anticipation and having refreshed the page a 100 times, I can now say through all the nail biting and witnessing the site crash I own a Fairey poster. The centre piece for any designer or admirer to hang upon their wall.

The print is a complete marvel to gaze upon, with the new use of golds as main colours straying away from the iconic red, black and white, we have a whole new breed of poster as a result, which I must admit is a beauty. The print set around the “Public enemy” album, features a woman holding the so called sedation pill out in front of her, almost as a focal point for you…

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I found this very moving. This mural is so powerful- but simple. Well done.



This 6′ × 24′ graffiti mural is the work of Gamma Acosta, Longmont, Colo. “Crayons” is his statement about the Sandy Hook school massacre, done a day later. It’s gone now, boards and all, to an anonymous art collector who wanted it preserved. Normally Acosta, who paints on his uncle’s vacant building, would have painted over it to make way for his next mural. This is the first time in five years that one of his murals has been preserved. The collector will replace the planks.

When I first saw “Crayons” during a local TV interview with Acosta, I thought it was powerful, a kick in the gut, heart-wrenching. The horror of that day summed up in a single image. An unforgettable statement about something we must never forget.

Then I found a very long discussion about it on Reddit, and it seemed mine was very much a minority opinion…

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Gallery Show In Spokane

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Had a new show go up this last weekend in Spokane Wa. Flew up for a few days and got a chance to see some of my favorite people in the world!

Here is a shot of some of the new work and a small shot of part of the space…


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This is simply a little shout out to those who wear the mask.


Some cool wallpapers here.

I am a big fan of V For Vendetta which is where the Guy Fawkes masks come from…

The Pacific

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Started watching this today. Not as gripping as “Band of Brothers” but still very good. Both of my Grandfathers fought in WWII, and this was the part of the war they were a part of. It is always hard to see what these young men went through- I am in awe. “The Pacific

A Trace of Twain

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“A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”    Mark Twain

Groundfloor Gallery at 433 South Spring St. Downtown Los Angeles 90013…