Here is a shot I did some time ago for a project called”Muse- A Portrait of Sara Jean Underwood”

Hope to put it out as a coffee book at some point…


Here is a shot I did of someone I am proud to call my friend- the talented and wonderful Lynda Kay.

This is a quick post in excitement of the return of “Tarantino Night” at the 3 Clubs in Hollywood.

I made this image for her album-

Lynda Kay

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Fricken sweet-

Haven’t posted this on the blog yet- here is an old shot I did of Holly.


TTV stands for “Through the Viewfinder”. These were shots made before the connivence of phone apps that do relatively the same thing…

I use an old Kodak Duelflex II. Here is a quick article on it (link) .

Enjoy 🙂

Lacma yesterday with Ash-

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Went to the LACMA yesterday with Ash. Always nice to get out and see both what the masters did and what contemporary artusts are doing in the same weekend.

Here are a few of my favorites from the quick trip-

Nadelman_Le BoulevardierThis piece is by Elie Nadelman and is titled “Le Boulevardier”.   (Here is his wiki page)

I love the nose and the eyes on this piece. There is a hollowness to it not only in the literally sense, but in its striking contours and mood.

Next up—–


Pablo Picasso, “Portrait of Sebastin Juner Vidal”. Obviously from the blue period (1901-1904), there is a glow to this piece when you see it in person. It is really nice to see something from his prolific life that is not in the Cubism or Surrealism category (although there is plenty of that at the LACMA as well).

Last one for this quick blog—- (and my favorite of the day)….


Alberto Giacometti– “Portrait of Isaku Yanaihara”. There is such a deep and subtle sadness to this for me. In the open space behind him, in his nonspecific vagueness. I could stare at this one for some time.

Went to a great gallery show at The Cella Gallery in NoHo. A friend of mine- Timothy Garrett was launching his new calendar of tattooed pin-up girls.

Very cool stuff and well worth checking out- you can purchase his work here.

Timothy Garrett

Here  are a few pics from the show-